Urban Landscaping is a full service company comprising landscape design, landscape construction and garden maintenance services for domestic, commercial, residential and industrial projects and subdivision land developments.


Driven by smaller lot sizes and modern home designs which place far greater emphasis on integrating indoor and outdoor living spaces, residential landscaping solutions are now adding a new dimension to many people’s lives.  Urban Landscaping’s residential solutions are as individual as our client’s tastes and values; they vary from formal gardens to family oasis, from outdoor rooms to modern courtyards and from large semi-rural spaces to small roof gardens.

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Once little more than a statutory requirement, landscaping is now integral to the aesthetic and architectural merit of any commercial project. It is a key consideration for architects, designers, land developers and builders alike, and makes a huge contribution to the sustainability being demanded of contemporary developments.

For land estate developers Urban Landscaping provides solutions that pay due respect to the natural environment, to the social fabric and cultural heritage of the place, at the same time setting the standard for, and reflecting the values of, the built environment to come.

For existing and new commercial and industrial buildings, Urban Landscaping provides functional landscaping solutions that both enhance the visual appearance and create a welcoming environment for people using the space.

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Urban Landscaping’s team of qualified Landscape Architects, Landscape Designers and Draftpersons, and Project Estimators can work with you to develop a sketch Design Masterplan to perfectly capture the vision for your next project or development.

Hallmarks of all our solutions are practical, innovative designs that make great use of the available space, adding value to property and quality to life.  The whole design process will be overseen by our Company Director and Manager.

For full details of the design process, see the Process section of our website.

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Urban Landscaping can provide comprehensive construction services to bring to life a design developed by us, or by working in conjunction with your architect, designer or builder. Construction will be carried out by Urban Landscaping’s team of landscapers and we will engage any subcontractors necessary to complete those unique aspects of your project to the highest standard. We will work with you to provide and obtain all necessary plans and approvals and will supervise and project manage the whole construction process through to completion.

For full details of the construction process, see the Process section of our website.

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If desired, Urban Landscaping can furnish you with a customised maintenance service program for the most effective way to care for your project or development. Our qualified horticulturalists can then provide maintenance services on an ongoing basis to ensure your landscape solution continues to enhance your lifestyle into the future.

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Irrigation Services

Urban Landscaping, in conjunction with Irrigation Management Services WA, can design, construct and maintain a water-wise irrigation system to sustain the landscapes we create.

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Garden Lighting

At Urban Landscaping, we believe garden lighting is an integral part of any successful landscape project or development. The climate in Western Australia allows us to enjoy outdoor spaces day and night. Consequently, garden lighting ensures you maximise the use and enjoyment of your garden, at all times of the day. Urban Landscaping can, if desired, provide a comprehensive garden lighting design as part of our standard design service.

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