Our Process

Let us make it is easy for you to design and construct your next landscape project or development.

At Urban Landscaping part of our service is to guide you effortlessly and successfully through the process to create an outcome that will enhance your lifestyle or that of others.

Design: Residential

Initial Consultation in Office

Whether you’re in the process of planning a new home or have an existing garden that needs a makeover, we offer a free initial meeting in our office to discuss the scope of your project and levels of service we can offer you.

At the time of our initial meeting a site visit can then be arranged. (Alternatively the initial consultation can be conducted on site, however, an initial on-site consultation fee will apply – see below).

Initial Consultation on Site

During the initial site visit we will conduct a site inspection to ascertain the prevailing site conditions and built form. We will discuss the extent of services required as well as your brief, budget, desired lifestyle outcomes and any specific styles and requirements that may influence your landscape design.

After this initial meeting, a detailed design brief confirmation and Fee Proposal for a Landscape Design Masterplan will be provided via email for your review and approval.

Initial On-site Consultation Fee: $180 + GST (in the metro area)

Landscape Design Masterplan

Upon acceptance of our Fee Proposal we will commence work on your project. Once  completed the initial Landscape Design Masterplan will be presented to you in our office for feed back and further design development if required. The plan will be a coloured A3 plan of your project and will include all Hardscaping and Softscaping elements.

Hardscaping includes paving, driveways, pools, water features, retaining walls, boundary fences, pool fences, garden lighting, and any structures such as pergolas and pavilions.

Softscaping includes lawns, planted areas and trees.

After this meeting, any further design development and/or design revisions will be made to perfectly capture your vision. The final design of the Landscape Design Masterplan will be emailed to you for your final approval.

At this stage of Our Process we will provide an “Opinion of Probable Cost” for the construction and implementation of the landscape works.

If required, plans will be submitted to the local government authority for planning approval.

Design: Commercial

Our Process for Commercial Landscape Masterplans, Design Development / Planning approvals, Bill of Quantities and Landscape Construction Schedules to be individually developed in line with the needs of the specific project and Developers requirements.

For further information on Our Process for commercial landscaping please contact our office.


Working drawings and specifications for building licence and tradesperson reference need to be prepared including softscaping, structural engineering, electrical and irrigation details. Costs for providing these is all inclusive of our construction services.

Upon completion of working drawings and structural certification a quotation for construction of landscape and building works will be provided for your approval.

Once we receive acceptance of the construction price, contract documentation and a construction schedule will be provided for signing by the client.

If required, plans will be submitted to the local government authority for building licence approval.

Construction commences.

Regular contact is made by phone and email as to the progress of the works.

Periodic inspections of the progress of the works will be undertaken by our supervisor and company director in association with the client over the construction phase.

On completion, a final inspection will be undertaken with the client and the landscape works handed over.


If desired, we can furnish you with a customised maintenance service proposal for the most cost effective way to care for your new landscape.

For further information in regard to maintenance services please contact our office.