Bringing Land to Life, Life to Land

All our work is undertaken by experienced crafts-persons with vast experience in their respective trades and industries. Our expert team of professionals include landscape designers and draftspersons, horticulturists, project managers and estimators.

Create your new garden or outdoor entertainment area by engaging us to provide our comprehensive landscape design and construct services. We can create or make-over your garden, courtyard, pool, alfresco dining area, roof top or vertical garden, public open space or other recreational area.

As with interior decor styles, garden design can take the form of different styles, be it formal, classic or contemporary.  We, at Urban Landscaping are able to interpret and design a garden that will be complimentary to the architectural style of your residence and meet your desire to enhance your environment and lifestyle.

We also apply the same approach to all our non-residential projects, be they commercial or broad acre projects.

At Urban Landscaping it is our design principle to provide sustainable and environmentally sensitive landscaping solutions that are aesthetically pleasing and above all, functional to your needs.

The emphasis of any Urban Landscaping project or development is firmly on attention to detail and bringing land to life, life to land!

Contact us to arrange an appointment to further discuss your specific project or development.